Fig. 1 – MoMA P.S.1 Swatch chilled on ice.

This limited edition watch was commissioned by Swatch for the 2001 MoMA P.S.1 Warm Up season. Intended as part of a series of personal cooling devises – that included a hydration pac and a spray atomizer – for Subwave (see MoMA P.S.1 Subwave), the watchband gel sleeve was designed to be chilled on ice and worn over the inner pulse-point of the wrist. Before the smart watch or Fitbit-type health trackers, Swatch Ice was conceived of as a low-tech device to help lower body temperature.

Fig. 2 – Homeostasis is the tendency to resist change to maintain a stable, relatively constant internal environment.

Fig. 3 – Soft packaging to bring the wristband gel pad in contact with ice cubes.


New York, USA





project team:

Lindy Roy with Barbara Ludescher

related projects:

MoMA P.S.1 Subwave, The Times Capsule, The Voting Booth Project: WMD