Fig. 1 – Hotel QT on a Thursday night.

Fig. 2 – Hotel QT is one of the Andre Balazs hotel group.

Fig. 3 – ‘On the QT’ magazine covers from the 1950s.

Fig. 4 – Times Square New York.

Fig. 5 – In 1961 Times Square gay bar, The Peppermint Lounge on W45th Street across the street from Hotel QT, became the epicenter of a new dance craze called the Twist.

Fig. 6 – W45th Street entrance. Photo credit: Nikolas Koenig

Fig. 7 – Parking garage across W45th Street through the tinted Hotel QT gym window. Photo credit: Heidi Werner.

Fig. 8 – Newsstand and check-in seen through W45th Street lobby window. Photo credit:

Fig. 9 – Hotel lobby. Photo credit:

Fig. 10 – Double-double bunkbed guest room.

Fig. 11 – Double D guestroom light fixture. Photo credit: Heid Werner.

Fig. 12 – Stair to the spa from the pool.

Fig. 13 – Pool changeroom.

Fig. 14 – Pool party.

Fig. 15 – Pool Bar. Photo credit: Masuika, The New York Times.

Fig. 16 – W45th Street entrance first floor plan with lobby, check-in, pool deck and bar.

Fig. 17 – Pool at 6:00AM.

Fig. 18 – Pool bar at 6:00PM.

Fig. 19 – Event at 11:00PM.

Fig 22 – Day to night lighting.

Fig. 20 –

Fig. 21 –

Fig 26- Sauna and steam room elevations

Fig. 27 – View from sauna interior to showers and steam room beyond. Photo credit: Nikolas Koenig.

Fig. x – Spa in daytime mood. Photo credit: Nikolas Koenig.

Fig. 16 – Hotel geneology.


New York, USA




63,100 sqf



systems and materials:

Concrete, steel, wood, cork, pink quartzite, glass


Andre Balazs Properties

Project Team:

Lindy Roy with Mark Kroeckel, Adam Hayes, Bentley Brownfield,  Rodolfo Diaz, Suzanne Gelert, Jonathan Jackson, Joon Ho Kim, Edward Lalonde, Filipa Tomaz and Heidi Werner

Architect of Record: Peter Himmelstein Architect PC

Lighting Design: L’Observatoire International


Related Projects:

Tahama Street Tower, Okavango Delta Spa, Alaska Rendezvous Heli-ski Lodge, Hybird by Questlove, Poolhouse

selected press:

The New York Times Style Magazine (April 3, 2005)

Conde Nast Traveler (November, 2004)

bob: International Magazine of Space Design (September, 2005)

Sleeper (Winter 2005)

Oculus (June, 2005)

DBZ (April, 2006)



Ref. 1 - Alyssa M. Reviera and Andrew D. Huberman,'Neuroscience: A Chromatic Retinal Circuit Encodes Sunrise and Sunset for the Brain' (Current Biology 30, April 2020)